Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, slammed the Israeli attack that
killed twenty residents, all family members and relatives, and
described the attack as a horrible and ugly massacre. Abbas stated that
Israel does not want peace, security and stability.

“it seems that Israel is comfortable with the current situation”, Abbas stated, “therefore, it is carrying barbarian acts without anything to stop it”.

In a press conference in Gaza City, Abbas said that he demanded the International Community to stop the Israeli military crimes, and demanded that Arab countries and communities to aid the Palestinian people.

“Beit Hanoun is a martyr today, all of it, the Israeli army might have ended its massacres today, or not”, Abbas sated, “I hereby declare, with sorrow, Beit Hanoun as an afflicted zone”.

“If the international community wants to help, then they should come here and help us”, Abbas added.
Abbas also said that he asked the Arab League and the Security Council to hold continuous sessions “so we can face this crises together”, “We want the whole world to see what Israel id doing to us”.

Also, Abbas said that he also phone the General Secretary of the Security Council, the General Secretary of the United Nations, officials in the United States and the European Union, and several other countries.

Commenting on the national dialogue, Abbas said that the Palestinians need their unity, and need the national talks between all factions.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya said that all talks on the formation of a national unity government are halted and that all efforts should now be concentrated on ending the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

Haniyya also called on the Security Council to convene and take a decision to impose sanctions on Israel, and to take all the needed measures to protect the Palestinian people.