Palestinian government spokesperson, Ghazi Hamad, said Wednesday that
Israel is not a state, but rather a gang of criminals. The
international community that Hamad says Israel disgraced in this
morning's killings is being called upon. Prime Minister Ismail Haniya
is calling for the international community in general, and the United
Nations Security Council in particular, to intervene.

Israeli forces killed at least 20 Palestinians in an unexpected attack on a family home in Beit Hanoun after a week of attacks on the northern Gaza Strip.

The Israelis have killed at least 80 Palestinians in seven days, most of them in the town of Beit Hanoun.

Prime Minister Haniya called for an international committee to investigate the “war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people.” He stressed internal unity and cohesion to face increasing Israeli aggression. In a statement given to reporters outside his Gaza City home after this morning's killings in Beit Hanoun, the Prime Minister said that dialogue to form a national unity government is temporarily on hold. He also called for a three-day period of national mourning.

Government Spokesperson Hamad said that the international community and the United Nations must stand firm. Hamad reiterated that Israel does not traditionally honor international law or the numerous UN resolutions drafted against them. Hamad said, “The American Administration granted the green light to the occupation government to commit murder and massacres.”

The Government Spokesperson concluded, “We in the government emphasize the need to impose international sanctions on Israel and for the Arab League to protect the Palestinian people and provide urgent relief.”