Israeli Authorities plan to annex Palestinians lands in Anata town,
north of Jerusalem, for the construction of the Annexation Wall and for
“military purposes”.

The decision (T -06/84) states that the lands will be annexed for the construction of a wall north of Maali Adumim settlement.

Head of the Anata village council, Mohammad Hassanen, said that the Israeli authorities did not inform the council of the decision that was issued on November 5; the council new about it when one of its employees headed to the District Coordination Office in Al Ezariyya town, near Jerusalem, for some official paperwork.

Hassanen added that this decision aims at expanding the settlements by annexing lands owned by the local residents of Anata. The lands are used by the villagers for agriculture.

Also, Hassanen said that this decision will block the village all directions, and that the residents will be unable to reach their lands.

“The wall will totally suffocate the village”, he stated, “It will make the social and economical life of the residents virtually impossible, even the health sector will be deeply affected”.
According to the new decision, the Annexation Wall will extend from the Maali Adumim junction towards the north, and then to the west until the entrance of Antot Military camp. 

All of the lands are officially registered under the names of local residents in the area.

Anata town is considered the “eastern gate” that links the West Bank with Jerusalem; it is inhibited by 18.000 residents, its residents depend of agriculture, trade and raising cattle as their main source of livelihood.