Palestinian sources reported on Monday at night that the rival Fateh
and Hamas movements agreed on the formation of a National Unity
Government headed by Mohammad Abu Shbeir. Abu Shbeir agreed and said
that he will issue an official statement regarding the issue in the
coming hours.

Marzouq Abu Marzouq, vice-president of the Hamas political bureau said that Fateh and Hamas movements agreed on Shbeir as the head of the Palestinian government that is expected to be announced before the end of this month.

Talking to the Associated Press, Abu Marzouq said that the government will be officially announced after receiving  international guarantees of ending the embargo.    

Meanwhile, Abu Shbeir said that he is not a member of any political faction, and that his name was among a list of names presented by Hamas to the Palestinian President as possible candidates for heading the Palestinian Government.

Abu Shbeir confirmed that, so far, he did not receive any official appointment from Abbas, but expressed readiness to fulfil his duties directly after is is asked to. 

Shbeir, 60, is the former president of the Islamic University in Gaza Strip, he is considered to be close to the Hamas movement; however he’s not a member.

Jebril Rajoub, security advisor to the Palestinian President, said that Fateh has no objection on Shbeir to lead the coming Palestinian Government.
Rajoub added that he hopes that an agreement on the final formation of the government and its agenda would be reached.

“The most important thing is ending the siege imposed on the Palestinian people”, Rajoub stated, “The agenda of the government is more important than the figures”.