I want to start by saying that Israel does not need excuses to attack
and kill Palestinians. However, they do it with international approval
when they have this excuse.

In fact, Israel is dictating the method of resistance that makes it easier for the Israeli army to counter.

The Palestinian resistance launches Qassams to retaliate the killing of Palestinian civilians, destruction of homes and infrastructure, thinking that they can make the Israeli population angry at its government and force it to accept Palestinian demand.

Simply, they are mistaken, because the Israeli officials whine because of the Qassams, but in fact, they are happy for these Qassams and would love to have more of them.

The so called “Qassam Rickets” do not cause a worth mentioning damage to property, they do not physically harm Israelis, except on a very minor level.  However, Israel managed to make a life-threatening monster out of these home-made metal pipes filled with some gun powder, that fall on Palestinian houses and empty areas in most of the cases.

So, it was easy to get an American Veto against the resolution to condemn the Israeli massacre in Beit Hanoun, claiming that it was an act of self-defense, while the world condemn the launching of these Qassams.

The fact that Palestinian resistance groups do not realize is that Israel does not intend to stop the launching of Qassams.

Therefore, there is nothing to make one believe that Palestinians are gaining anything good out of launching these Qassams.