Palestinian Foreign Minister from the Hamas movement said on Thursday
that Iran donated $120 million to the Palestinian government, and
adding the Iran is willing to donate more.

Zahhar, currently in Iran, stated that Iran is willing to provide more financial help to the Hamas-led Palestinian government.

"Iran has so far given the Palestinian Government $120 million”, Zahhar said, “ They have told us that they will provide more financial help”.

Meanwhile, Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that two Hamas legislators were allowed to enter the Gaza Strip from Egypt carrying $ 4 million in cash in their suitcases.

After the embargo was imposed on the Palestinian government, several officials carried in the Gaza Strip large amounts of money donated by Arab countries.

In October, Palestinian Interior Minister, Sa'id Siyam, entered the Gaza Strip carrying $2 million in his luggage. Carrying large amounts of cash is allowed by the Palestinian law as long as the amount is declared.

Earlier this week, Arab Foreign Ministers decided to break the siege imposed on the Palestinians and agreed to find a way to deliver aid to the Palestinian people.

The international embargo on the Palestinian government caused a sharp crisis in Palestinian territories, leaving dozens of thousands of government employees unpaid for several months, while hospital are running out of medicine and  basic medical needs.