The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees slammed the Thursday morning the
attacks carried by Israeli soldiers and the Israeli Prison
Administration against the rooms of abducted Palestinian ministers and
legislators in Al Ramleh (Nitzan) Israeli prison.

Wasfi Qabha, the Palestinian Minister of Detainees issued a press release slamming the “coward attack”, and considered it a violation to the Palestinian legitimacy and the international law.

“This is political blackmail”, Qabha added, “the occupation knows that it cannot defeat the Palestinian deterioration and the steadfastness of the detainees”.

Qabha appealed the international community and human rights organizations to interfere and ensure the release of all of the Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons and detention facilities.

“there are at least 10400 detainees imprisoned by Israel”, he added, “They are living under very bad conditions and subjected to repeated attacks and violations”. 
Recently, under-cover units of the Israeli army broke into the rooms of the abducted Palestinian ministers and legislators and attacked them with batons.