As thousands of residents of the Israeli Negev town of Sderot rushed to
fill 17 buses that came to evacuate them from the town, Israeli Defense
Minister, Amir Peretz, demanded the army to prepare better plans to
stop the firing of homemade shells into Israeli area adjacent to the
Gaza Strip.

Thousands of Sderot residents tried to gain seats in the seventeen buses that would transfer them to Elat city in an attempt to escape from the Palestinian homemade shells fired by resistance fighters in response to the continuous military offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Peretz held talks with senior Israeli security leaders and discussed with them the latest developments in the Gaza Strip, and the homemade shells fired into Israel.

Peretz demanded the leaders to prepare new plans the could counter the homemade shells and strop them.

“We will strike hard”, he stated, and added that he hopes “more moderate people will join the new Palestinian government.