Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, said on Friday that his
late Thursday night meeting with the Palestinian President, Mahmoud
Abbas, was positive and good. Haniyya also stated that he will meet
Abbas soon without specifying a certain time.

Haniyya, after Friday prayers, stated that the meeting with Abbas is part of the continuous meetings that aim to conclude the talks on the formation of the National Unity Government.

He added that the Fateh-Hamas committee will meet on Friday evening for further talks on the formation of the government.

Commenting on the European Initiative, Haniyya said that some of the articles stated in it are good and are worth considering.

“When we officially officially receive the initiative, we will examine it and provide an official response”, he added.

Meanwhile, president Abbas denied on Friday afternoon that he rejected Mohammad Shbeir, who was suggested by Hamas to head the new government, and stated that the Palestinian leadership is weighing every possibility.

 “When we have something specific, we will announce it”, Abbas added.
Abbas slammed the ongoing military offensive in the Palestinian territories and described it as an “unexplained and unjustified aggression”.