An Israeli hospital is refusing to continue the medical treatement of a Palestinian resident shot by
Israeli special forces, Waleed Athba, 23, was near his home in the
northwestern West Bank's Qalqilia city center when he was shot near the
heart. Due to the severity of the injury, he was taken to an Israeli
settlement hospital under guard.

“While I was in the central market a civilian car stopped and several people in civilian clothes got out and asked us to raise our hands”, the 23 year old said, “They fired a shot which hit me and I was taken to a settlement three kilometers east of Qalqilia. Military doctors examined me and then I was transferred to a hospital constantly guarded by the army.”

“Doctors at the hospital carried out the surgery and then refused any further treatment as I am Palestinian and injured by the army”, he stated, “They asked me to find a Palestinian doctor.”

One of the live rounds fired at Athba hit him close to his heart, during his surgery, the doctors implanted platinum in his chest.

Athba was asked to continue his treatment at any Palestinian hospital. Currently he needs treatment and physiotherapy for his left hand.

Athba was shot as the under-cover forces were attempting to abduct a resident of Qaliqlia, the Israeli security believes that the resident, troops were attempting to abduct, transferred a suicide bomber into Israel.

The father of Athba said that Israel does not want to be held responsible for its attacks, even when the soldiers shoot innocent civilians.

“My son is a member of the Palestinian Security Forces, he was not wanted by Israel”, the father states, “He just happened to be in the area when the under-cover forces carried their assault”.