The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) reported that Israeli troops
killed 434 Palestinians, in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank since June
25; 271 of the casualties were civilians, among them 80 children and
twenty-five women. In the period between 9-15 on November, Israeli
troops killed six Palestinians, including four children. Four of the
victims were died in the Gaza Strip of earlier wounds.

At least 17 Palestinians civilians, including nine children were injured during the Israeli attacks over the past week. Three houses and a commercial store were completely destroyed by the Israeli air strikes.

In the period between 9-15 on November, Israeli troops killed six Palestinians, including four children. Four of the victims were died in the Gaza Strip of earlier wounds.

In the West Bank, soldiers carried at least thirty invasions to Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps and took 55 Palestinians prisoner, including six children and two women. Five more residents were taken prisoner after being stopped at military checkpoints in the West Bank.

Moreover, troops closed the Palestinian Center for Media and Studies in Tulkarem city, in the northern part of the West Bank.

The construction of the Annexation Wall in the occupied West Bank continued, and the army uprooted orchards in Bethlehem and Qalqilia. Dozens of Dunams were annexed in Anata village, northeast of Jerusalem. 

Palestinian farmers have been denied access to their orchards to cultivate olives, while settlers in several West Bank areas cultivated Palestinian olives, uprooted and cut dozens of trees.

The settlers also carried several attacks against the residents and their properties especially in Al Tawani village south of Hebron; several children in the village when a group of settlers attacked dozens of schoolchildren.

Settlers also attacked Palestinian houses in the center of Hebron and hurled stones and empty bottles at them.

The settlers also prevented a number of Palestinian civilians from reaching their agricultural lands near “Tilim” settlement, west of Hebron, to cultivate olives.  

It its weekly report, the center stated that soldiers fired 310 missiles at the Gaza Strip, most of the missiles weer fired by the F16 American made war-jets.

At least 1456 Palestinians, mostly civilians, including 424 children and 107 women, have been wounded by Israeli fire, shells and missiles since June 25.

Hundreds of shells were fired from the ground and from the sea. Dozens of houses were totally damaged, in addition to the destruction of the Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Economy and the office of the Palestinian Prime Minister in Gaza. Several educational facilities were also targeted by the Israeli missiles and shells.

The center added that at least 315 air-to-surface missiles and hundreds of artillery shells have been fired at Palestinian civilian and military targets in the Gaza Strip.

The Power Station that provides 45% of the Gaza Strip with electricity was repeatedly shelled and destroyed, leaving half of the residents in the Gaza Strip without power supply. Several hospitals are running on electricity generators but the lack of fuel and the incapability of the generators to remain running all the time is increasing the dangers of a human disaster in the Gaza Strip.
Also, troops shelled and destroyed six main bridges in the central Gaza Strip and in the northern part, and shelled dozens of roads used by the residents and bulldozed hundreds of Dunams of farmlands.

Since June 25, troops took prisoner hundreds of civilians including ten ministers and thirty-one member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, including the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Secretary, have been arrested. Minster of Prisoners’ Affairs, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Labor and Second Deputy Speaker of the PLC were released.

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