A Palestinian family, supported by hundred of residents, of the Jabalia
refugee camp managed to stop an Israeli air strike to their house after
refusing the leave the house and forming a huge human shield on and
around it. The house belongs to the family of Wael Baroud, one of the
leaders of the Popular Resistance Committees.

The family received a phone call from an Israeli military spokesperson who demanded them to abandon their home since the Israeli air force intends to shell it.

The family appealed the residents to gather in the house, around it and on top of it to form a human shield in order to stop the army from shelling it.

Hundreds of residents gathered there, including Dr. Nizar Rayyan, one of the Hamas leaders, who announced a popular campaign to protect the houses in the Gaza Strip by forming Human Shields.

The Israeli air force flew over the area in an attempt to shell the house, but left it later on as the residents  remained persistent and refused to leave the area.

Over last two days, the Israeli air force shelled at least ten houses in the Gaza Strip several minutes after phoning the families and demanding them to leave their home.

Four months ago, a Palestinian family of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, refused to leave their home after receiving a similar phone call, and hundreds of residents formed a human shield that barred the army from shelling the house.