Talks between Government Workers Union and the government ended on
Sunday evening with an offer from the government to pay 1000 New
Israeli Shekels to to every employee as part of the November salary and
to  schedule the late salaries on four months starting on January 1,

The government was represented by Samir Abu Aisha, the minister of Planning and the acting minster of Finance, minister of Labor, Mohammad Al Barghouthi.

Head of the workers union, Bassam Zakarna, said that the union demanded the government to increase the first payment, provide guarantees of the payments and to add to the agreement clear statements canceling orders of suspension against striking employees, and to cancel an order voiding the payment of travel expenses to the employees during the strike.

Also, the union demanded the government to pay additional 1000 NIS to every employee as a compensation for interests they had to pay for taking loans while the government was not paying them their salaries.
Zakarna added that the ministers promised to discuss the demands and to hold another negotiations session with the union on Tuesday.

Minister of Finance promised to pay a certain amount for employees working at the post offices for their emergency work during the strike. The retired employees will received payments in the near future.