The Israeli foreign minister, Tzipi Livni, has urged the world
community, especially countries hosting Palestinian refugees, to annul
those refugees' internationally-recognized right of return to their homeland (what is now Israel).

Livni, who was speaking in a lecture last night at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, said that the road map plan for peace in the Middle East did not mention those refugees' right of return.

She also asked "moderate countries" in the Middle East to unite efforts against "extremists" in the region, who threaten its stability.

Around five million Palestinians are living as refugees in various countries after their fathers were driven out of Palestine at gunpoint back in 1948 fleeing the armed Jewish gangs' massacres.

Meanwhile, the PA ministry of refugees' affairs asked the Iraqi government and religious leaders to immediately step in and protect Palestinian refugees in that American occupied Arab country.

The ministry, in a statement, charged that Iraqi militias were systematically assaulting Palestinians in Iraq.

The ministry expressed its deep pain over repeated threats to Palestinians in Iraq to leave their places of residences or face death, recalling that 85 Palestinians have been killed in Iraq since its occupation in 2003 while many others were held in Iraqi and American prisons without trial or charge.

It finally held the American and British occupation forces responsible for the killing and displacement of Palestinians in Iraq. The ministry did not absolve certain Iraqi parties with direct responsibility over those atrocities.

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