Detainee Amna Mona, has been confined to solitary since October 5,
2006, and is facing very harsh conditions, humiliation and deprived of
her internationally guaranteed rights, the Palestinian Prisoner Society

Lawyer of the Society Hanan Khateeb, visited Mona on Tuesday listened to her complaints on the bad treatment she faces at the detention facility.

Mona said that after she was confined to solitary, soldiers wanted to leave the cell for a short break with several other female detainees, but they insisted that she must be handcuffed and chained. Mona rejected the preconditions, and was confined to solitary for one month.

Since she was taken prisoner, Mona was only allowed to leave her cell five times.

Mona complained that she is subjected to daily naked body search by female soldiers who touch her in an improper way during the search.

Mona added that she went on hunger strike for one month in Al Jalama prison, and stopped her strike when the administration promised to improve her conditions.

During her strike, Mona was punished by the administration and was not allowed to receive any personal tools, including clothes.

She stated that she demanded to sit down and talk with the administration but her request was denied, and she remained in solitary.

Mona appealed human rights organizations to visit her in order to see her harsh living conditions and suffering, and appealed to be release from solitary imprisonment.

On September 13, 2006, Mona as well as several other female detainees were harshly attacked by the soldiers after the prison administration claimed that two detainees attempted to escape after digging a tunnel in one of the rooms in Hasharon prison.

Later on, Mona and other detainees were moved to Al Ramleh prison and them to Al Jalama.

Mona was taken prisoner five years ago after the Israeli security claimed that she ambushed a Jewish youth over the net and convinced him to visit her in Ramallah where he was killed by the Al Aqsa brigades, the armed wing of Fateh.

Mona is the spokesperson of the female detainees, and the Israeli Prison Authorities (IPS) claim that she “incites” other female detainees against the prison administration.

She is considered one of the main detainees who demand the IPS to provide the detainees with the basic rights guaranteed by the international law.