The Palestinian Ministry of Interior decided on Wednesday to suspend
and arrest any person who participated in the abduction of
internationals since the current government took office. Khaled Abu
Hilal, spokesperson of the ministry said that the new plan is in its
final stages and comes to provide security for journalists and guests.

Abu Hilal added that the ministry wants to create a link with the internationals to protect them during their visits to the Palestinian controlled areas.

In an interview with Palestine News Network, Abu Hilal denounced the shooting attack that targeted Abu Ali Shahin, member of Fateh revolutionary Council, on Tuesday evening.

Abu Hilal added that the ministry never subdued to the demands of groups that abducted internationals and is determined to stop this negative phenomenon.

Meanwhile, Fateh spokesperson in Gaza, Tawfiq Abu Khousa, said that the situation in the Gaza Strip is very serious in spite of the efforts to contain the internal conflicts.

Abu Khousa added that the abductions should stop immediately since they are considered attempts to create further chaos and tension.
He also said that the group that abducted the two Italians on Wednesday is known to the authorities, and added that negotiations that saw the release of the two could encourage other groups to carry further and bigger attacks.

Abu Khousa added that further national talks are needed in order to ensure security in the Palestinian territories. 

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said on Wednesday that there are groups that are “playing with fire” by harming the Palestinian national interests and the security of the people.

Abbas added that a National Unity Government is the way to enforce security to the people.