Israeli Prison Administration (IPA) at the Negev detention facility
confined seven Palestinian detainees to solitary without any apparent
reason. The detainees were informed that they will be moved to another
prison, but after they packed their belongings and were ready to go,
they were instead confined to solitary.

Detainees at the Negev facility told the Palestine News Network that the seven detainees were stripped of their belongings and were confined to solitary for an indefinite period.

The seven detainees are all members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP); they were identified as Jamal Farraj, from Bethlehem, Ghassan Abu Al Kheiran from Hebron, Mohye Ed Deen Nassasrah and Ayman Mabrook from Nablus, Yousef Abu Ghalama from Beit Forik, Zahran Abu Asba and Mohammad Abu 'On, both from Gaza.

The IPA refused to inform the representatives of the detainees on the period of solitary confinement for the seven detainees, and claimed that they “made several problems” at the facility.   

A representative of the PFLP stated that the IPA carried in recent days several similar incidents, and transfers, against detained members of the Front.
The National General Committee that represents all of the detainees in Israeli prisons and detention facilities slammed the Israeli procedure and demanded that the detainees should be removed from solitary.

The Committee threatened that if the detainees are not moved out of solitary, all of the detainees at the Negev detention camp will go on hunger strike.