Detainee Rabee' Ali Hussein Ali, was paralyzed after soldiers fired on
November 24, 2006, several rounds of live ammunition at him, one of the
bullets directly hit his spine causing complete paralysis. Lawyer of
the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS), Monther Ahmad, visited Ali last
Wednesday in Hadassah Ein Karem Israeli hospital in Jerusalem.

Ahmad stated that Rabee' was shot and injured by several rounds of live ammunition fired by the army, one of the bullets hit him in his spine causing paralysis. Rabee' was also injured in his large intestines, and one of the bullets hit him in his right lung, while another bullet him him in his leg.

Rabee' went through several surgeries, including a surgery in the intestines and some surgeries to clean the wound area, but his paralysis is a permanent condition.
The PPS held the Israeli authorities responsible for any health deterioration of Rabee's health, and appealed human rights organizations, especially Physicians for Human Rights, to ensure that Rabee's receives all of the needed medical treatment, attention and tools.  

The detainee is a 27 year-old, second year student at the Al Quds Open University. He had been wanted to the Israeli authorities since two years.