Palestinian armed groups offered a ceasefire with Israel starting on
Sunday at 6 a.m, in exchange to an Israeli halt of all attacks,
assassinations, and military escalation. Israel said that the army
would end the military attacks if the armed group uphold the pledge,
and halt the firing of homemade shells.

Khaled Abu Hilal, spokesperson of the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, stated in a press conference in Gaza, that Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya held a meeting with several factions and agreed on the ceasefire as long as Israel carried its end.

Abu Hilal added that all factions, the Prime Minister, and president Mahmoud Abbas are willing to implement the ceasefire if Israel does not continue its military offensive.

Abu Mojahid, media spokesperson of the Popular Resistance Committees, stated that all armed groups agreed on the ceasefire that would take effect in Sunday at six in the morning.

“We will resume the firing of homemade shells if Israeli resumes its offensive”, Abu Mojahid stated, “the coming hours will show us the Israeli commitment to this ceasefire”.

During a phone call between Abbas and Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, the later informed Abbas that the military operations in the west Bank and the Gaza Strip would end if the Palestinian armed groups uphold their pledge.  

Olmert's office announced on Saturday night that Israel accepted the offer, and that the ceasefire will go in effect on Sunday morning.