A senior source at the Palestinian government, headed by Hamas
movement, reported on condition of anonymity that the movement fired
the head of Na'lin village council, west of Ramallah, after meeting
with settlers of the nearby settlement.

The source stated that the movement decided to fire Na'lin mayor Mohammad Srour and his deputy Tha'er Amira, who announced their resignation during Friday prayers ten days ago.

The two officials submitted their resignation to the acting minister of local government, Wasfi Qabha., last Wednesday.
The two officials met with settlers of the nearby settlement of Modi'in without consulting with the government, which violates the Hamas stance on meeting with Israeli officials.

The mayor and four members of the council, three of which are related to Fateh, the Popular front for the Liberation of Palestine,  and the Palestinian National Initiative, acted on their own, according to the government sources, and visited the settlement.

Hamas movement won 5 out of 9 seats during the local elections carried out late September 2005. 

Abu Srour stated that the visit was carried out to receive 40.000 new Israeli shekels to buy an ambulance for the town.

He added that his visit was not coordinated with Hamas leadership in Ramallah, and that the movement did not know of the meeting until after it was carried out.

The mayor and one of the council members who carried the visit are members of Hamas.