The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) reported that Israeli soldiers
took prisoner 98 resident in several attacks and invasions carried by
the army in the West Bank city of Bethlehem during the month of

The PPS stated that soldiers used armored vehicles, military dogs, and other means during the attacks; damage to the property of the attacked homes and residents property was reported.

Abdullah Al Zaghari, head of the PPS, said that the military attacked in Bethlehem in November were the widest sine the beginning of 2006.

Al Zaghari added that there are at least 1200 residents of Bethlehem and its surrounding areas currently imprisoned in several Israeli prisons and detention facilities. 90% of the detainees were tortured during interrogation.

He also said that soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition, flares, and forced the families out of their homes during the arrest raids that were mainly carried out at night.

Several residents reported that soldiers also stole money and gold from some of the attacked houses.

The family of resident Khaldoun Ali, from Al Shawawra village, east of Bethlehem, said that soldiers stole money and gold from their house after breaking into it to take their son prisoner on Friday December 1. 

Family members said that soldiers caused damage to the furniture, and filched 5000 NIS, and 1000 Jordanian Dinars in addition to gold estimated by 1000 Jordanian Dinars.