Under the guise of "chasing the designated wanted," Israeli forces continued to hold the Jenin District hostage under widespread campaigns of repression. The citizens pay the price for Israel's arbitrary actions in the northern West Bank, Jenin residents told PNN on Sunday.


The town of Ya'bad in southwestern Jenin, is the new target of recent Israeli campaigns, ongoing for the past several weeks. On Saturday evening when residents said "it is enough," they began throwing stones and Israeli forces opened fired. Material damages are high and dozens of Palestinians are injured.

In the early evening hours yesterday, Ya'bad residents report being taken by surprise at the moment of invasion. It was just after prayers and residents had had it with the frequent incursions, attacks, and harassment. Among those who gathered to stave off the Israelis was Mohammad Abu Bakr. He told PNN, "The occupation forces entered the town causing a state of fury and anger." Young people began throwing stones while Israeli soldiers did not hesitate to shoot with rubber bullets and gas bombs, leading to several injuries. Many among the injured suffered from gas inhalation as the bombs penetrated several homes.

The most violent moments had Israeli forces opening heavy fire on dozens of young people shouting "Allah Ahkbar," (God is Great), and throwing stones from alleyways and balconies of houses. These were the moments in which the most material damage was done. As Israeli soldiers attempted to shoot the young people, many homes, cafes and shops, were instead hit.

Medical sources at Jenin's Dr. Khalil Suleiman Memorial Government Hospital said that a number of the wounded were with them due to the seriousness of their conditions, while several others were in an emergency clinic.

However the evening's raid did not end there. Israel soldiers broke into several homes and destroyed contents under the pretext of searching for the "wanted." Eyewitness Mohammad Abu Bakr told PNN that Israeli soldiers broke into a cafe, demanding identification, and held patrons for an hour of degrading procedures and interrogations.

During that period of time Israeli forces were deployed in the streets, reported residents Mustafa Al Khatib, attempting to attack passing cars and breaking windows of those parked there. Citizen Hilal Abu Bakr added that Israeli soldiers dealt harshly with the people and pelted cars with rocks and pounded them with rifle butts before withdrawing for the night from the latest Israeli target, Ya'bad Village.