The London-based Al Hayat Arabic newspaper reported on Monday that Noam
Shalit, the father of the captured Israeli soldier in Gaza, Gilad
Shalit, held talks with a source in the Gaza Strip in an attempt to
organize a meeting with Hamas leaders, and Fateh members, who already
agreed in principle to met with him in coming days in Gaza.

In an interview with the Israeli Ynetnews, Noam refused to confirm the Al Hayat report and accused Israel and the Palestinians of being stubborn on his son's account.
Meanwhile, Al Hayat reported that an Egyptian source stated that Shalit held talks with a source in Gaza in an attempt to coordinate this meeting, and that both Fateh and Hamas agreed in principle to meet with him, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.
Indirect talks regarding a prisoner swap deal remained stalled due to differences regarding the prisoner swap deal, especially regarding the number of detainees, and the Israeli preconditions regarding the detainees who will be release if a deal is reached.

The Egyptian source added that Israel seems to be interested in keeping Shalit as a bargaining chip and as a coverage for further military escalations in the occupied territories.

The source also said that “both sides are placing difficult demands and conditions which led to the failure of every proposed deal”.

He also said that Hamas demands the release of the Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmad Sa'adat, and the jailed Fateh leader and former Secretary-General of the movement in the West Bank, Marwan Barghouthi.

Yet, the source expressed optimism regarding the outcome of the recent visit of Egypt's Intelligence Chief, Omar Suleiman to Israel.

He said that the visit was positive in several aspects, especially regarding the diplomatic process and removing the suffering of the Palestinian people, according to the source.