Israeli opposition leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, slammed on Monday the
ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians and said that Palestinian
factions did not halt the firing of homemade shells, warning that this
“could  lead to tragic outcomes” and turns Gaza into a second Lebanon.
He also demanded barring the Palestinian Prime Minister, from returning
to Gaza.

Netanyahu stated that “Israel's desire to restore calm in Sderot does not match a one-sided ceasefire”, and added that Hamas continued to fire shells at Israel.

He called on the Israeli government to bar the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, from returning to the Gaza Strip if he heads to Iran or Syria. The statements of Netanyahu came during a Likud faction meeting.

Israeli Ynetnews reported that during discussion at Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, said that truce aims at creating a momentum that would lead to the diplomatic process.

Olmert added that Israel is “not looking for excuses to violate the ceasefire”.  

Moreover, Netanyahu claimed that Haniyya's talks in Tehran and Damascus are about “ coordinating attacks against Israel”.

Netanyahu also said that what he described as the “Israeli restraint policy” will lead to a “dangerous situation” since Gaza will become a second Lebanon as Hamas continues to strengthen itself, while moderates are weakened by the movement.

He added that the Likud policy aims qt toppling the Hamas-led Palestinian government, and launch talks with “a moderate Palestinian government”

Also, Netanyahu stated that Israel should carry out a consistent offensive in the Gaza Strip, and should seal the Philadelphi Route in order to prevent arms smuggling.
Likud members of Knesset, Danny Neveh and Limor Livnat, called on Olmert, from Kadima party, to quit his post as Prime Minister.