Dr. Usama Al Mazeeny, a political leader of Hams movement, said that
statements of some Fateh leaders claiming that Hamas demanded the
suspension of National Unity talks are “illusive” and twisting of

“Those leaders claimed that Hamas suspended the talks”, Am Mazeeny stated, “These statements are illusive, and twist the real facts”.

Commenting on the statements of Palestinian Chief negotiator and Fateh leader, Dr. Saeb Erekat, Al Mazeeny said that Hamas supports political polygamy, but the Palestinian Authority has its own power than cannot be retracted in order to be handed to president Mahmoud Abbas.    

Al Mazeeny called on Azzam Al Ahmad, head of Fateh bloc at the Legislative Council, to head back to the internal talks table, adding that Al Ahmad and Abbas's media consultant, Nabil Amro, are the ones who announced the suspension of talks.

He added that Abbas also announced the suspension of talks following his Jericho meeting with the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

Regarding the truce with Israel, Al Mazeeny said that the West Bank should be part of the truce and warned the the Israeli violations, and continuous attacks in the occupied West Bank, could bring an end to the fragile ceasefire deal.

“Hamas supports the truce and interested in maintaining it”, Al Mazeeny said, “But maintaining the truce means that Israel should stop its attacks in the West Bank”.