The Israeli army opened fire at Palestinian farmers in the northern
part of the Gaza Strip injuring two. The attack is considered as a
direct violation to the ceasefire, but the Israeli army claims that the
men approached the “security-fence” separating Gaza from Israel.

Palestinian medical sources reported that Ahmad Banat, 23, was injured by military fire earlier on Thursday while working in his farmland.

The sources stated that Banat sustained a live round in his Pelvis and was taken to Kamal Adawn hospital for treatment.

On Thursday noon, resident Abdullah Banat, 18, was also injured by military fire while working in his land. Abdullah was shot in his leg, and suffered moderate wounds.
Meanwhile, the Israeli army claimed that soldiers fired at Palestinians “who approached the security fence, on the Gaza-Israel border.

The army added that soldiers fired “warning-shots”, and when the men did not move away soldiers fired again at them hitting one.

Troops said they are unaware of another resident being injured by military fire.

The attack is considered a direct violation to the truce which Israel says that its only effective in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian factions said that any ceasefire should include all of the occupied territories, especially after Israeli carried several attacks in the west Bank.

On Thursday, at least five Palestinians were taken prisoner, and one was injured by the army on the West Bank.