Wa'el Abu Al Thahab, media spokesperson of the border crossing and the
presidential guards, reported on Thursday, that Israel closed the Rafah
Border Crossing, linking between Egypt and Gaza Strip. The Crossing was
opened on Wednesday morning.

The Israeli closure of the crossing forced hundreds of residents back home especially after several hundreds headed to the crossing after Israel opened on Wednesday. Only several hundreds managed to cross on Wednesday.

A Palestinian security source said that the crossing was opened for the Palestinian residents stranded on the Egyptian side to enable them come back to Gaza, and for humanitarian and urgent cases.

Israel closed the Rafah Border Crossing since it initiated the Summer Rains offensive six months ago, Since then, the crossing was opened for limited hours on a number of days over the past six months.

he Rafah Border Crossing was closed ton June 25, and was only opened for several short periods enabling some residents to cross back into the Gaza Strip.

At least eight residents died at the Rafah Border Crossing since August after they were stranded there for several weeks due to the Israeli closure and siege imposed on the Gaza Strip after Palestinian fighters captured an Israeli soldier in a raid that targeted a military post near the Gaza borders.