Dozens of Palestinian residents, Israeli and International peace
activists held their weekly protest in Bil'in village, West of
Ramallah, against the Israeli Annexation Wall. Irene Khan, Secretary
General of Amnesty International visited the village and the
construction site of the Wall.

Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the Wall told the IMEMC that Khan visited the house of resident Mahmoud Samara, and witnesses how the army was occupying the house and holding him and his family inside it.

She also held a press conference and said that she came to the village to witness the Israeli violations against the residents.

Abu Rahma added children gave Khan roses and listened to several residents and peace activists talking about the settlements, Wall and the Israeli annexation policies.

Also, today's procession marks the first Intifada, known as the Intifada of stones, that inflamed in December 1987.

The protesters carried posters and chanted slogans calling for unity among the Palestinians, and called for the reactivation of the popular Intifada and the public activities against the occupation.

Several protesters remained near houses that were occupied by the soldiers, while the rest marched towards the Wall.

One resident, identified as Ahmad Mohammad Hasan, 35, a father to five children, was taken prisoner by the army near the Wall gate.

Meanwhile, an international peace activist told the IMEMC that the soldiers were “less violent” this Friday as a result of the presence of Amnesty, and added that the presence of Amnesty staff was “an observation in role, more than taking part in the protest”.

Yet, the soldiers declared the area as a closed military zone, pulled a woman from her hair as she attempted to protect a local resident being attacked by the soldiers.

After the protest, soldiers clashes with local youths and fired teargas at them before pulling back from the area.