Scores of Palestinians security forces officers took to the streets, in
Khan Younis and Rafah in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and in
the northern West Bank city of Jenin, on Saturday morning demanding
their 9 months overdue salaries.

In Khan Younis officers gathered in Bani Suheil main junction in the town and blocked it, while in Rafah protesters closed all main roads and set some tires on fireI

In Jenin, security personal protested in several areas in teh city  demanding their salaries.    

The protesters took off the streets in an attempt to express the suffering they and their families fce due to not getting paid for the ninth month.

The Palestinian government failed to pay salaries to its employees due to the economical siege imposed by the US, the EU and Israel, after Hamas won the legislative elections earlier this year.

The financial crisis of the Palestinian government is not only caused by the International sanctions, but also by the Palestinian tax revenues, estimated at five hundred and fifty million US Dollars, Israel withheld since Hamas took office earlier this year.

The tax revenue, if paid, would cover the over due salaries of the governmental employees.

The International community said that the sanctions will be lifted if the Palestinian Hamas-led government renounces violence, recognizes Israel and accepts the previously signed peace agreements with Israel.

Hamas said that it cannot recognize Israel since it still occupies Palestine and carries continuous attacks the people.