Following Tuesday's armed clashes between members of Hamas' Executive
Force and Palestinian Security forces dominated by Fateh, leaders and
security officials of the two movements traded accusations over the
injury of several residents.

The clashes took place while Fateh members and gunmen were protesting the fatal Monday shooting by unknown gunmen who shot and killed three Palestinian children and a man accompanying them in Gaza City after opening fire at a car in Al Rimal area, in Gaza city, five residents were injured, some seriously.

Both Fateh and Hamas leaders, and leaders of other political and social movements denounced the attack.

The Tuesday clashes took place in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, as Fateh supporters were marching in condemnation of the Monday shooting.

Palestinian security sources reported that members of the Executive Force, that belongs to the Palestinian Ministry of Interior, opened fire at the protesters. The ministry denied that Executive Force members injured any resident.

Saleh Abu Hamid, one of Fateh leaders, accused the Executive Force of attacking the residents who were protesting against insecurity.

Abu Hamid called on the Interior Minster to apprehend the assailants and send them to court.      

Meanwhile, Islam Shahwan, spokesperson of the Executive Force said that the Fateh dominated security forces initiated fire, and that Executive Force members showed high discipline. 

Meanwhile, Palestinian medical sources in Khan Younis hospital reported that residents Ahmad Kamil Abu Libda, 29, and Nafith Abu Doqqa, 27, were injured by rounds of live ammunition.

Abu Libda was moved to the Gaza European Hospital due to the seriousness of his condition.

Abu Doqqa, said from his hospital bed that as the residents were protesting against Monday's killings, they noticed dozens of Hamas members and members of the Executive Force stepping out of a mosque, and centered themselves in Salah Ed Deen Street.

Abu Doqqa added that some children hurled stones at the force, and then one of the force members fired in the air while the rest of members fired directly at the protesters.

The Hamas-run news website (Palesttineinfo) said that Fateh protesters attacked several institutions, especially schools, in Khan Younis.

According to the website, the protesters closed Bani Suleila Junction, on Salah Ed Deen Road that links between the northern and southern part of the Gaza Strip, and fired at members of the executive Force.

Also, the site reported that the gunmen attacked a Paltel building (Palestinian Telecommunication) and the ministries compound in Khan Younis.

The clashes between Fateh and Hamas comes as National Unity talks collapsed in spite of mediation of several factions between the two movements.

Leaders of Fateh and Hamas continued to trade accusation over the failure of National Unity talks and talks over the formation of the unity government.

On Monday, Abbas ordered the security forces to deploy across Gaza after the deadly shooting attack which was slammed by both Fateh and Hamas leaders.

A Palestinian security source reported that the security forces were deployed “to prevent crime”, and that they received direct orders from president Mahmoud Abbas.

But as the security forces were deployed, security personnel loyal to Hamas movement also strengthened their positions in several areas.

On Sunday, sources close to Abbas said that he planned to call for early elections, and Hamas accused him of trying to topple the government.