Following Monday morning tragic shooting, where unknown gunmen shot at
the car of Major Baha' Balousha, killing his three children on their
way to school, instead of him, the mother of the slain children spoke
to Ma'an, and gave the following statements;

The three children are Osama, 10, Ahmad, 6, and Salam, 3 years old.

"They drained my blood when they killed my three children, and wasted my lifetime's fruit in the blink of an eye. If they consider that an accomplishment, I congratulate them for it", the bereaved mother said.

The mother, Linda Abu Taqiyya, 30, heard the sound of the shots from her home on Al-Kinz Street, in central Gaza City. She called her sister Hanady, saying, "Please go and check, I feel that it's my kids, and I can see their car, but I don’t know what is going on."

"They have wasted them and killed them!" she cried to her sister, after she heard from the neighbours that three children had been shot and killed. She said that her heart stopped when she heard the shots at 7:10 am.

"Ahmad didn't want to go to school today and Osama dragged him by force," she said.

Then she added in despair, "Over the last week, I have felt contractions in my heart. Last night, my three children tried to spend the night next to me, but I insisted that they go to sleep, so as to get up early in the morning for school.

In the morning, Ahmad woke up and told me that he feels very cold. I tried to warm him up, but he didn't want to go to school at the Roman Orthodox School with his big brother Osama. His other brothers dragged him by force. I wish I was with them and died, instead of staying alive, to live the life-long agony over losing them."

Wearing clothes of black, the bereaved mother continued: "The last words I heard from Osama were: "Mom, I have memorized the dictation lesson by heart, and I will get a full mark." He left the house unaware that the bats of the night had been awaiting him to plant 60 bullets in his and his brothers' tiny bodies, killing what is left of their parents' dreams."

She sat in her children's room on the tenth floor of the Al-Isra building and said,"for God's sake, that is enough. Yesterday they killed Tayseer Khattab and Jad At-Tayeh, and his attendants. Every day, there are explosions near the officials' houses. Is it my husband's guilt that he is a general in the intelligence service? Where is the government and where is the presidency?"