One Palestinian teen was critically wounded in the neck after being hit
by a live round in central Gaza city in the Gaza strip on Monday
morning during a gunfight between Hamas and Fatah fighters.

Eyewitnesses reported that today's fighting started when a group of Hamas gunmen and Fatah gunmen opened fire at each other on downtown Gaza city, leading to the injuring of the 16 year old boy in the neck, he was moved to a hospital in the city were he was treated for critical wounds, medical sources reported.

This clash comes shortly after an announced ceasefire between the Palestinian factions announced late Sunday night after a day of street fight between fighters of Fatah and Hamas, three Palestinians were also killed on Sunday in these clashes.

Palestinian Authority security officer Adnan Rahmi, was abducted by a group unknown gunmen from the Al Shaja'iya neighborhood in Gaza city,  after killing him, his body was dumped at a hospital in northern Gaza.

One Palestinian presidential guard was killed early Sunday morning after scores of masked militants attacked an outpost, west of Gaza City, belonging to the Palestinian President’s 17 force, as armed clashes erupted in Gaza City.  Media reports stated that one presidential guard was killed and few others injured and a military outpost was totally devastated in an attack by militants.

On Sunday afternoon Hiba Musleh, a nineteen year old girl was shot and killed during clashes between gunmen of Fatah and Hamas in Gaza's city central.

The truce among factions was announced at a press conference in Gaza city on Sunday after midnight, after different Palestinian factions agreed to pull their fighters from the streets and stopped the armed clashes. However representatives of Fatah and Hamas did not appear at that conference.

Despite the announced truce, clashes continued between Hamas and Fatah and gunfire could still be heard near the Palestinian presidential offices of Mahmod Abbas in Gaza city.



Palestinian Foreign Minister, Mahmoud Alzahar, accused the
Presidential guards of taking over the ministerial buildings under the pretext
of their proximity to the Palestinian President’s house.  Zahar was reportedly exposed to an
assassination attempt earlier in the day.


Recent developments in Gaza
came after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on Saturday, in a
televised speech, for early presidential and legislative elections following
collapse of national unity government talks and continued internationally-imposed
economic embargo.  The Palestinian Hamas-led
government refused totally holding legislative elections, considering Abbas’
call as a coupe against the democratic process that brought to power Hamas
party in January25, 2006.


Since March, 2006, the international community and Israel have been imposing an economic embargo on
the Hamas-led government, unless the latter recognizes Israel, accepts
past signed peace agreements and renounces violence.