The Israeli army on Monday morning abducted eight Palestinian men from several parts of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Israeli troops invaded Hebron, the old city, and also surrounding villages Bani Nu'em, Dora, and Beit Kahil near Hebron.  During the invasion, the Israeli soldiers searched and ransacked scores of resident's houses and took the seven men to unknown detention camps, local sources reported.

The house of Hisham Al Ja'fari, in the eastern part of Hebron city, was attacked in the morning.  Troops searched the houses, damaged some of the family belongings and abducted three of Hisham's sons, Iyad, 24, Mohamed, 22, Ahmad, 20.

Both Mohamed and Ahmad were released after being detained for several hours and questioned by the Israeli army while Iyad was moved to a detention camp, controlled by the army, the family reported. Also, in the city of Hebron, Israeli troops raided resident's houses in the Al Arob refugee camp and took Khadir Al Najmah, 23, prisoner.
Khalil Al Jundi, 33, his brother Tha'er, 21, and Yousif Al Suwiti, 25, were taken away when Israeli forces invaded Dora village near Hebron city and attacked the resident's houses.  Palestinian sources stated that both Khalil and Yousif are security officer in the Palestinian security forces in Hebron city. In addition, troops abducted Khalil Zuhur, 30, after surrounding and searching his house in Beit Kahil village just outside Hebron city.

The Israeli forces also abducted on Monday morning  Hamza Izrikat, 23, from nearby Tafuha village, north of Hebron, after Israeli soldiers forced the family of 12 members into one small room of the house, then searched and ransacked it.

Elsewhere, south of Hebron city, troops attacked Sourif village assaulted residents and their houses and searched them before taking Ibrahem Abu Farah to an unknown detention camp, his family reported.