Two Palestinian residents were killed early on Wednesday and
at least six others wounded in renewed gun battles between militants in Gaza.

Local medical sources reported that two unidentified people
were killed and seven others wounded in armed clashed in the Alsabra
neighborhood of Gaza City, just a few hours after all parties, under Egyptian
mediation, agreed late Tuesday night to halt all forms of tension in Gaza and to
immediately back dialogue to resolve their differences.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and his Prime Minister,
Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, agreed yesterday evening to work on reaching a
national unity government through open talks, after both Fatah and Hamas failed
to conclude such a government over the previous 9 months.


Recent clashes in Gaza
came after Palestinian President Abbas called for early presidential and
legislative elections, while the Hamas-led government refused. The Palestinian
PM announced official refusal of that call in a televised speech yesterday.