Local Palestinian sources reported that an Israeli army convoy invaded
the village of Siliet Al Harthia, surrounded a house in the center of
the village and clashed with the besieged resistance fighters located
inside the home killing two of them.

The Israeli Army stormed the village of Siliet Al Harthia near the northern West Bank city of Jenin and killed two Palestinians on Wednesday morning. 

Medical sources identified the two Palestinians killed as Hussam Al Aifie and Salah Fawastah, both were said to be fighters for Al-Quds Brigades which is the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement.  During the gun fight, an additional two activists were also injured and then abducted by the invading Israeli troops.

This is the third assassination attack Israeli forces have conducted in the Northern West Bank areas in less than 24 hours.  On Tuesday morning, Israeli undercover agents killed one Palestinian resistance fighter in Nablus city and another undercover force killed another resistance fighter in Tulkarem city on Tuesday afternoon. 

The Israeli Army has apparently resumed the policy of extra-judicial killings aimed at Palestinian leadership and resistance fighters.  This came shortly after several Israeli human rights organizations raised the case against the army's use of these types of assassination policies.  That argument was rejected by the highest Israeli Supreme Court which opens the door for the army to conduct such assaults in Palestinian territories based on the decisions taken by Israeli Army Officers.   This is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention governing human rights, which guarantees the rights of any person suspected of a crime to have a fair, just and legal trial.