Palestinian sources reported that a ten year old girl, Du'a' Abd Al
Qader, was shot and killed by an Israeli sharpshooter while playing
near the illegal Israeli wall in the eastern side of Tulkarem city in
the northern part of the West Bank on Tuesday evening.
Abd Al Qader was playing with her friends on a farm that is overlooked by an Israeli watchtower located on the illegal wall surrounding the city.  A sharpshooter from that watchtower opened fire at the girls, critically wounding Abd Al Qader and injuring her ten year old friend Rasah Shalabi, eyewitnesses reported. 

Eyewitnesses added that when Palestinian medical teams arrived at the scene they were stopped by Israeli soldiers who surrounded and sealed off the scene and were forced to return to the city after the Israeli soldiers threatened to shoot them if they came any closer the scene.  Meanwhile, the army brought an Israeli ambulance and then moved the two girls to an Israeli hospital where Abd Al Qader died as a result of her gunshot wounds.  With the killing of Abd Al Qader, the death toll of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army on Tuesday has stopped at three.