The Israeli Army invaded several cities in the West
Bank and abducted eight Palestinian men on Wednesday at dawn. 

Israeli troops invaded several parts of the southern West Bank city of Hebron and abducted two
Palestinians.  Mazin Ighnimat, 28, was taken
away by the Israeli soldiers when they raided the village
of Surif, west of Hebron after searching a number of houses
there.  Meanwhile, another Israeli force
stormed the villages of Yatta and Al-Thahriya, south of Hebron city, searched homes and farms, and took
Osama Al-Amour, 24, from Yatta to an unknown destination.  


Elsewhere, in the northern West Bank city of Ramallah, the Israeli army surrounded the
home of Ahmad Al-Atownah, 33, deputy assistant in the local government ministry
of Ramallah.  Soldiers stormed Atownah's
home and forced his family into one room of the house while searching the remainder
of the home, then left taking Al-Atownah with them to an unknown detention
camp, the family reported.  


In Nablus city, also in the north of the West Bank, Israeli Army Forces invaded the city and the nearby
Askar refugee camp, searched several homes, and took Wajdi Al-Affouri, 25,
Mohammed Al-Mansi, 23, and Zekki Al-Tashtoush, 19, to unknown destinations,
eyewitnesses reported.


Moreover, Israeli troops attacked and searched residents homes in the northern
part of Tulkarem city and the village
of Ateel also north of
Tulkarem and abducted Tariq Zahran, 21, and Misad Abu Musah after searching
both of their homes, local sources reported.


Israeli Army spokesperson stated that the army invaded several parts of
the West Bank looking to abduct individuals
the army states are wanted men.