In the early hours, Thursday morning, the Israeli Army invaded an
Islamic Charitable Organization in the town of Beit Sahour, just
outside Bethlehem.  This is the fourth time that the charitable
organization has been assaulted by the Israeli army according to Abu
Mohammad, the director of the organization.
In visiting the facility, it was clear that this location is mainly a child day care center and kindergarten, which is obvious from the painted pictures of Mickey Mouse, visible when approaching the building.  Several rooms were invaded and damaged before the Israeli army decided to leave the location.

Upon inspection of all the rooms that the Israeli army destroyed, it was clear that the rooms were used as classrooms and for administrative functions.  Several cabinets, used for storage, were ransacked and hastily reassembled while the operation was ongoing.

The Israeli army cordoned of the area surrounding the facility, before conducting the assault.  Several individuals were inside the building during the assault and were herded into a single room and guarded while the soldiers destroyed doors, damaged equipment and left the areas in disarray.  At least five separate rooms were searched and each door was destroyed, locks damaged and the main structures of the doors were left beyond repair.  The director of the facility has made the decision to not replace the doors, as they continue to be destroyed with each new assault.

Upon completion of the invasion, the Israeli army left the location, leaving the building in disarray.  Of the individuals who were detained at the scene at the time of the attack, none were arrested, nothing was taken and the Israeli army found nothing of interest.