Palestinian sources reported that Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail
Haniyya, said that his movement, Hamas, is willing to start new talks
on a national unity government, based on Palestinian requirements and

In a press conference in Gaza City following Friday prayers at a mosque in Al Shaty’ refugee camp in Gaza, Haniyya said that he did not receive any official invitation to meet with King Abdullah of Jordan for talks on current conditions and the stalled diplomatic process.

Haniyya called on the Palestinian factions and armed groups to have more self restraint and to uphold their responsibilities in maintaining national unity, and to eliminate all the causes of the internal clashes.

He added that the government and several specialized security devices are closely following and investigating the incidents that caused the renewed clashes between Fateh and Hamas gunmen over the last two days.  

Regarding the Israeli threats to target Palestinian fighters in Gaza, Haniyya demanded Israel stop its assassination policy in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

He added that the Israeli assaults complicate the situation and will lead the area into further violence.