The Israeli army attacked a medical center and abducted two Palestinian men and Israeli settlers destroyed Palestinian farm lands in three separate
attacks in the southern West Bank city of Hebron on Tuesday.

In the village of Beit 'Awwa, west of Hebron, Israeli troops surrounded the medical center belonging  to the village council, then searched and ransacked it, eyewitnesses reported.

Mohamed Al Suwiti, head of the village council said that soldiers attacked the medical center at dawn he added that troops surrounded the building, forced the night shift doctor, nurse, and ambulance driver outside detaining them for several hours nearby.Soldiers then searched the building and destroyed medical equipment, Al Suwiti added.

The army left after interrogating the three staff members for some time, no arrests were made. The army claimed they were looking for so   called 'wanted' Palestinians.

 In Al Thahria town south of Hebron, right wing Israeli settlers living in an illegal Israeli settlement near  the village attacked and destroyed Palestinian farm land.

Eyewitnesses said that the settlers bulldozed farm lands utterly destroying crops over an area of  40 donums (10 acres).  According to local farmers the settlers are trying to take over this land to enlarge the settlement.

Also in Hebron Trad Abu I'ram, 30  Fadel Abu I'ram, 35, were both abducted by Israeli forces on Tuesday morning during an invasion to nearby Yatta villagen. Eyewitnesses reported that soldiers ambushed the two as they  drove through the village. Undercover soldiers attacked them handcuffed them then a jeep convoy rushed into the village and imprisoned the two men in one of the jeeps before rushing them away .

So far, eight Palestinians have been abducted on tuesday morning.