Tuesday morning the Israeli army invaded several cities, villages and refugee camps across the West Bank and abducted six Palestinian men

Troops invaded Al Khader village south of Bethlehem and abducted Mustafa Salah, after searching and ransacking his home, eyewitnesses reported.  In the nearby Aida refugee camp, Israeli troops attacked several residents homes after  searching  them and seized Mohamed Harz-Allah, 18, local sources reported.

Meanwhile, Mujahid Abu Rumi resident of Al Ezaria east of Jerusalem, said  that troops surrounded his home,  searched it and forcefully locked his family in one room of then seized his son Hakam aged 18.  He said that the soldiers beat Hakim  with their batons and forced him into their jeep and taking  him to an unknown location.

Israeli forces also invaded the  Bank city of Qalqilia, ransacking numerous homes down town, before  abducting  Rafiq Nufal, aged 20, and taking him to an unknown destination.

Israeli soldiers invaded the city of Jenin and its Refugee camp, searching  and ransacking a number of homes and shops, they  abducted Mahmoud Al Sa'di,  the leaderof the Islamic Jihad Movement, from Jenin refugee camp and Iyad Al Sayed, from the city of Jenin, both were moved to detention camps, sources in the city reported.