Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, said during an interview with
the Israeli online daily, Haaretz, that it is possible to hold peace
talks with the Palestinians even if there was no cease-fire in place.

Livid added that she said during the era of Ariel Sahron that Israel cannot negotiate with the Palestinians without a full cease-fire, but “it is possible to negotiate and talk under fire”.

She also said that she apposes any “dramatic ground offensive” in the Gaza Strip adding that even if the firing of homemade shells continues and Israel find itself “forced to carry an wide military offensive” the main issue which is the political conflict will remain the same “before and after the offensive”.

Also, Livni added that she is trying to push a diplomatic plan, but refused to reveal further details. She only said that Israel must remain a national state for the Jews living side-by-side with a Palestinian state.

She also said that she is not only talking about a dream but also abut a political plan that creates reality solutions that include a fair solution to the issue of Palestinian refugees.

Livni gave no further details on her suggested plan.