Israeli sources reported on Friday that the Israeli government will not
release any Palestinian detainees being help in Israeli detention camps
during the Muslim holiday of Eid Al Adha.

Israeli political sources said today that such a release will take place only if Palestinian resistance factions released Gilad Shalit, the captured Israeli soldier in Gaza.

Palestinian President Mahmod Abbas have personally asked the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to release Palestinian detainees during the summit meeting between the two, in which Olmert had hinted that such a release could happen before the Palestinian resistance in Gaza frees Shalit.

However Olmert announced today that no release will take place before or during the holidays which start on Saturday.
"Olmert did not have sufficient support in his cabinet for the move ahead of the holiday and had also faced criticism from Shalit's family," the Israeli online Haaretz reported.

Sa'eb Erekat, Palestinian chief negotiator, considered the decision to not release Palestinian detainees "unfortunate".

The Israeli army is detaining more than 8,000 Palestinians in its detention camps, most of whom are there for several years without a trial or being given any legal status, which is a direct violation of UN and International Human Rights laws.