Israeli Ynetnews reported on Friday that the office of the Israel’s Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has not yet set date to discuss release of Palestinian detainees, despite Olmert’s suggestion at beginning of week.


Palestinian Chief Negotiator, Dr. Sa’eb Erekat, expressed regret on Friday over the Israeli decision not to release Palestinian detainees before the Muslim feast of Al Adha.

Israeli officials commented on the statements of Erekat saying that “instead of expressing regret, the Palestinians should have maintained the ceasefire and we would have release detainees”.
The Palestinian side requested Israel to free several dozens of Palestinian detainees as a good will gesture on the Muslim holiday which starts on Sunday.

After meeting with Abbas in Jerusalem last Saturday, Olmert agreed to “consider the issue of releasing Palestinian detainees, Olmert did not directly reject the request, but rather said “I will look into it”.

Last Sunday, Israeli ministers holding the weekly cabinet session held a mini-poll too feel out their response over the release of detainees.

The Ynetnews reported that Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres and deputy premiers Amir Peretz and Shaul Mofaz expressed their support for the move.

The cabinet will discuss this issue during its next week session.