Uri Dan, an Israeli journalist who died recently, and was close to the former Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, published, before his death, a book in which he accuses Sharon of planning the assassination of the late Palestinian president, Yasser Arafat.

The book was published in France and the author states that Arafat was poisoned by a direct decision from Sharon who had a phone call with the U.S president George W. Bush in April 2004, and decided to assasinate Arafat after the call.

According to Dan, the American president gave Sharon the green light to "deal with Arafat".

The Maan news Agency reported that another writer, identified as Amnon Kabilok, wrote a revision of the book which is entitled 'Sharon,'  and published it in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

He inquired how Uri Dan knew about the sickness of Arafat, its causes and symptoms several months before Arafat's health started to deteriorate. 

According to the Maan report, Amnon said that while scanning a book by Uri Dan, he received the news that the author of that book had passed away. He also said that he struggled to get a copy of the book, which he finally obtained with the help of a French friend.

Kabilok spoke with his French friend on the death of Arafat and the attempted assassination of the Hamas political bureau chief, Khaled Mashal when he was in Jordan.

Kabilok added that he found a book by Uri, who is a close friend of Sharon, revealing hidden informaton on the assassination of Arafat and the phone call between Sharon and Bush. It is believed that Sharon told Bush during the phone call that he is willing to liquidate the Palestinian president.