Palestinian human rights organizations reported on Saturday that
Israeli interrogators at the Maali Adumim interrogation center, near
Jerusalem, tortured a Palestinian detainee and hit him with metal

The center is in Maali Adumim settlement block near the occupied Jerusalem and extends on vast areas that were annexed and seized from the Palestinians.

Media sources reported that Hakam Abu Roomy, 18, from Al Ezariyya town near Jerusalem, was moved to the interrogation center in Maali Adumim and there he was violently beaten with iron chains after the interrogators forced him to undress and kept him under the rain.

The Detainees Media Center, which belongs to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, reported that Abu Roomy was taken prisoner three days ago after the soldiers broke into his home.

He was severely beaten upon his arrest by the soldiers who also attacked and clubbed his family members after breaking into their home.