Saddam Hussein's execution is being widely condemned by Palestinians, with this considered a “black day.” The decision of the "American client government in Iraq to execute  the Iraqi President is unfair and part of the American and Zionist conspiracy against Arab and Islamic countries," Jenin resident Faris Yousef said Saturday.

In the mosques of Nablus imams are saying that this is a message to Arab leaders to not interfere in US regional plans.

Saddam Hussein is not unpopular in the region, far from it. He is considered to be one of the few leaders who stood up to the US government, regardless of his other infractions. What he has done is not viewed as wrong by many, and certainly no more unethical that what US President Bush or Israeli Prime Ministers Sharon and Olmert have done. They are seen as the war criminals, not Hussein. Calls are going out to try Olmert, Sharon and Bush in war crimes tribunals, although as was recently the case with the Israeli former military leader Dichter wanted on war crimes, some governments are willing to protect them. Before his illness, Sharon's case was thrown out as well.

The People's Committee to Support Iraq issued a statement from the northern West Bank city of Jenin, writing that “this is a catastrophic and black day in history. It is a disgrace to the world that speaks of human rights, yet is silent in the face of American and Israeli crimes. This is a time of mourning justice as the American affront to dignity takes further shape.”

The Committee asked rhetorically why Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair do not consider “Sharon and Olmert criminals as the massacres and aggressions against the rights of our people continue.”

The People's Committee to Support Iraq gave its own answer. “It is because Saddam Hussein refused to yield, acquiesce or surrender to America.”

Amina Ibrahim lives in Jenin and has pictures of Hussein on the office walls. “They do not want heroes for this nation. But Saddam will remain a symbol of dignity. Why don't we hear about the trial of Sharon who committed tens of massacres against our people. We reject the execution of the elected President of Iraq and we reject the execution of Arab dignity.”

Ahmad Al Assad, Director of the Office for National Institutions, said, “The Iraqi President is widely respected. This American Zionist resolution constitutes a genuine coup as part of the scheme for American hegemony and colonialism. The United States, no matter what slogans they use or issues they fabricate, do not have the right to do this.”

Mohamed Sabbagh lives in Jenin Refugee Camp. Israeli forces killed his son. “I feel that my son Ala', who the occupation forces assassinated, is being assassinated all over again.”

During his Eid Al Adha sermon the Spokesperson for Hamas in Tulkarem, Sheikh Abdullah Yasin, condemned the execution of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and said that the United States and its collaborators in the region are responsible. The People's Committee for Refugees is holding an open house for mourning. The Fateh movement in Jenin canceled all celebrations and called for a week of mourning. The Palestinian Prisoners Movement in Israeli prisons has begun a three-day period of mourning.

Ziad Amir was killed by Israeli forces in Jenin. His father told PNN today that the "Iraqi people are drowning in a quagmire of injustice, and their own internal fighting. All of this causes considerable sadness and outrage as we have watched the Americans sabotage and destroy Iraq.”