All Palestinians participate in the resistance in some form or another,
even if it means going to the market or refusing to leave their home
under threat of demolition.

Children going to school are participating in the resistance, and any celebrations are certainly acts of resistance to occupation. The women photographed are holding portraits of their sons, fathers, and husbands imprisoned in Israeli jails.

In Jenin this year on the occasion of the Eid Al Adha holiday, a group of women is distributing wool blankets to the families of political prisoners and those who have been killed. The group is from the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The coordinator of the campaign said the aim is to “emphasize the adherence to the sanctity of Palestinian blood and the remembrance of suffering.”

She said, “We remember the sacrifices of those killed and the sacrifices of the prisoners. We want only to bring smiles to the faces of their families who are deprived of their loved ones during this holiday, and who face such difficult circumstances as do all of the Palestinian people as the economy deteriorates and the occupation cements.”