Four Palestinians were killed and at least 20 were
wounded in the clashes, three of which were described as serious.  One
of the killed was identified as Yousef Abdul Qader, 23,  Palestinian sources reported.

The source said that a large Israeli force invaded the West Bank city of Ramallah on
Thursday afternoon accompanied with bulldozers, a number of military
vehicles and border police, and backed by Helicopters.

Troops opened random gunfire and tear gas canisters forcing the residents who were doing their shopping.  Army jeeps and bulldozers surrounded a building claiming that a wanted Palestinian is hiding there.

Palestinian resistance fighters and rock throwing youth, clashed with the invading Israeli troops who took position in the Manara Square, in the city center, causing serious damage.  Bulldozers also damaged a large number of cars parked at the roadsides.

Soon after the army withdrew, thousands of residents took to the streets in a large demonstration.

Palestinian medical sources reported that during the invasion, the ambulances and medics are unable to reach the occupied area.

Fadi Al-Arouri, a journalist works for Maan News Agency, was wounded in the head by Israeli troops.

Israeli army sources said the military operation in Ramallah is targeting a Palestinian resistance fighter from Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigade.

Media sources reported that prior to the military invasion; undercover Israeli agents entered Ramallah in bid to arrest a claimed wanted Palestinians, however they were revealed by local residents.

Apparently, the undercover agents called for backup with brought this large force to the city.

Palestinian sources said the target of this operation was wounded, but was not captured by the Israeli army.

In a separate incident, Israeli troops invaded the West Bank city of Bethlehem and surrounded a house on the Bethlehem-Hebron road.  One Palestinian was wounded identified as Mohammad Abu Zeid.

Eyewitnesses said Abu Zeid has been detained after he was injured.