On Sunday, 30 Palestinian detainees, imprisoned by Israel under arbitrary Administrative Detention orders, without charges or trial, started a hunger strike.

A few days earlier, the detainees stated that they are ongoing with the struggle against Administrative Detention, adding that Israel is using these illegal measures, holding them captive without charges, as a means to oppress them without even having to make up charges against them.

They said in the past, Israel alleged it is using Administrative Detention due to “security concerns,” but nowadays, it just uses it to punish the detainees without having to justify or explain its measures.

Israel has recently escalated the use of Administrative Detention orders against hundreds of detainees, many of whom have already spent years behind bars without charges under repeatedly renewed orders.

Currently, 760 detainees are held under the Administrative Detention orders, and approximately %80 of them are former political prisoners who spent years in prison.

The number of Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons is about 4650, including 180 children and 32 women.